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The Kiosk Association is again exhibiting at NRF 2023 in New York. Here are some preliminary items.


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Retail Kiosk and Digital Signage News from Industry Group & Kiosk Association (KMA)

DSE digital signage tradeshow

​DENVER, Colo.,  Dec 16, 2021 — December news from the Industry Group

Events This Month

Retail Kiosk News

NRF in New York January — We will be showcasing accessibility in counter and floor-standing models for the customer-operated POS space. See some of the same technology used by McDonald’s. Also, to be announced at the show is whether award finalist candidate PopID wins in the Best Payment Innovation category.  The formal awards presentation and dinner is Saturday night. Fingers crossed.  Here is our official page on NRF site.

Digital Signage News

We are an official Association sponsor for DSE 2022. Las Vegas in March.  A chance to see the new LED Fine Pitch renovation for the LVCC.  Be sure and use KMA50 as coupon to get your discount.

Craig Keefner, manager of the Industry Group said, “Interactive digital signage projects have been increasing every year from large wayfinding to spectacular convention center signage to smart city deployments to drive-thru menu boards. Half of the rfps in our space are digital signage related.  Expanded coverage and deeper involvement in signage makes sense for our sponsors. We are happy to follow the lead of other respected groups such as Peerless-AV,  Sixteen-Nine and TSI Touch in supporting this specific next-generation digital signage tradeshow that the industry deserves.” KMA also recently joined the Digital Signage Federation.

Articles this month

For more information contact Craig Keefner, 720-324-1837 or [email protected] or you can visit Kiosk Industry. Since 1996 for 25 years serving the self-service technology market. For a complete list of verticals visit The Industry Group,

Tradeshow News – Digital Signage Trade Show DSE 2022 in Vegas in March

dse digital signage tradeshow vegas

Denver 12/15 – The kiosk association KMA recently served as media sponsor for InfoComm and AVIXA. Following up on that KMA is an association sponsor for the upcoming DSE 2022 digital signage tradeshow in Vegas in March. KMA also will be a participating exhibitor with a 10×20 booth #6906.

Craig Keefner, manager of the Industry Group said, “Interactive digital signage projects have been increasing every year from large wayfinding to spectacular convention center signage to smart city deployments to drive-thru menu boards. Half of the rfps in the our space are digital signage related.  Expanded our coverage and involvement in signage only makes sense for our sponsors. We are happy to follow the lead of other respected groups such as Peerless-AV,  Sixteen-Nine and TSI Touch in supporting this specific next generation digital signage tradeshow that our industry deserves.”

For more information contact [email protected] or call 720-324-1837

About DSE Digital Signage Tradeshow

DSE has been the leading event for the digital signage industry for 15 years. Questex acquired the assets in early 2021, and will build on that legacy as the preeminent event and digital platform for the digital signage industry, showcasing innovations in technology, market applications and creative educational content.

Questex will combine its capabilities and experience as the leading information and events company focused on the experience economy with input from the industry including past sponsors, exhibitors and attendees to deliver an updated and renewed DSE for the industry going forward.

With an increased focus on reaching key end-user markets for digital solutions and experiences, DSE will harness other audiences and platforms in hotels, hospitality, travel, healthcare, entertainment, education, sensors and communications technology and more.

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Join us for the world’s most compelling event dedicated to innovations in digital and interactive display technologies, market applications and creative content

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November 2021 LinkedIn Newsletter

LinkedIn Newsletter 11-2021

Nice photo tour of Kohls in Colorado. EV Charging stations are all over Google maps and now you have combination engagements where you stop at a Sonic for burger while charging your Tesla. Not sure I have ever seen a Tesla at Sonic come to think of it.

My writeup and photo tour on bill payment stations for AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Xfinity/Comcast got the inbox ringing a bit. Along with being knowledgeable on the subject apparently I am supposed to be a mind reader.

I think we are going to do a bit more on Linux and currency handling bill payment coming up.

Company News — New launched company is American Kiosks. Looks like the URL is live too — — This isn’t the first company that KIOSK has spawned (Kiosk Innovations down the street from us).

Trade Shows and Associations — We’re planning on exhibiting at DSE to try and support its rise from the ashes. Hopefully kma is association sponsor and kioskindustry is media sponsor. This is natural extension of AVIXA.

Events and Features This Month

First Responder Lockers and Kiosk — Our feature story on innovative new public safety lockers and kiosks from CR+M. The CR+M digital kiosk stores five CR+M belts, each containing five STOP THE BLEED® kits as well as a breaching tool and a ballistic shield. The units also provide a highly valuable real-time digital bulletin board, branding and advertising tool.

Bill Payment Kiosk Review – an onsite review, photo gallery and discussion of 2021 payment stations used in retail telecom stores such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Xfinity Comcast.

McDonalds Deploys Accessibility to self-order kiosks — McDonalds will deploy accessibility to all owned stores by the end of the year and any new deployments to franchise stores will come with accessibility included. Featured is the integration of the JAWS screen reader and the AudioPad hardware assistive technology.

NRF in New York January — We will be showcasing accessibility in multiple form factors and in the POS space. As part of the show, the KMA and Datacap Systems have nominated PopID in the Best Payment Innovation award category. As of September 2021, PopID announced that more than 100 restaurants and retail brands now accept PopPay throughout Southern California with around 70,000 registered users and more than four million facial authentications.

On September 7, 2021, PopID announced they plan to go national. Recently, Wendy’s in Japan announced a rollout of facial payment technology by PopID. It takes less than 30 seconds to vote. Please vote for PopID at:

That’s it for this newsletter. LinkedIn offered it up as an option for me so I figure best to try it out and see what if anything it is good for. Here are my main Flip channels and I post the kiosk stuff on

Special Announcement – Best Payment Innovation in Fast Casual Award – NRF 2022

Best Payment Innovation Award NRF
Special Announcement from The Industry Group – November 8, 2021

See information posted on NRF Big Show Website .  The kiosk association in conjunction with Datacap has nominated PopID Pay-By-Face as a candidate for Best Payment Innovation.  Please visit and vote so we can help promote contactless payment options such as this for a myriad of industries. This is a current solution already deployed and being deployed nationwide. It is not a trial balloon or idea.

You can vote here (30 seconds)!

About — PopID is a universal gateway for verifying an individual’s identity based on their face. Applications such as loyalty, payment and entry are available. PopID has various enter-by-face and pay-by-face solutions, PopPay. Ideal for retail and restaurants, PopPay can be used at drive-thrus, cashier/counter spaces, pay-at-table or via unattended kiosks.

Testimonial — An example of one of PopID’s many locations, Daddy’s Chicken Shack (located in Old Pasadena, California), implemented PopID’s kiosks early in the COVID-19 pandemic. Owner Chris Georgalas commented “We brought PopID’s kiosks in a few months into the pandemic, partly to act as a physical barrier between people and partly to help ease the ordering process… There’s no touching, there’s nothing whatsoever for [the customer] to do. I think it’s just amazing.”

Deployments — As of September 2021, PopID announced that more than 100 restaurants and retail brands now accept PopPay throughout Southern California with around 70,000 registered users and more than four million facial authentications.  On September 7th, 2021, PopID announced they plan to go national.

Vote for innovation such as this which makes it possible for small to medium to large businesses all easily use. Benefits are:

  • Improved Safety and health factors
  • Higher Sales
  • Lower payment processing fees
  • Increased throughput (faster transactions)
  • Higher loyalty program participation
  • Scalable with full integration support

See information posted on NRF Big Show Website or   Please vote here!

Other News of Interest this Week

CraigK in Denver    
Craig Keefner |  720-324-1837  |  [email protected] | LinkedIn (feel free to connect)
See The Industry Group website for a complete list of all self-service-related verticals that we inform and educate on. McDonalds kiosks, PCI EMV, ADA, digital signage and more.

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RFID Readers for EV Charging Stations (Kiosks): Six Questions to Ask

EV Charging Station

RFID Readers and EV Charging Stations

EV Charging Station Technology News

By Sean Houchin, ELATEC


EV Charging Station

EV Charging Station

The electric vehicle (EV) charging market is growing at lightning speed, both in the U.S. and globally. As both consumers and government and commercial fleets transition to electric, membership-based charging stations are popping up in employee parking lots, tenant parking garages and public areas. Many of these EV charging stations rely on RFID and smartphone-based BLE or NFC credentialing for member authentication. RFID cards and mobile apps are simple and convenient for tenants, employees and members. Here are six questions charging network managers and charging equipment manufacturers should ask before implementing an RFID reader solution.

What wireless technologies does the reader need to support?

Are your end-users likely to use a smartphone to access charging services or a membership card? Or will you need to accommodate both options? More than 60 RFID transponder technologies are in common use worldwide, including low-frequency (125 kHz) and high-frequency (13.56 MHz) technologies. Smartphones typically use Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) or Near-field Communication (NFC) to communicate with the reader. If you are issuing your own membership cards used across your entire network, you may have a lot of control over the technologies used. But if your network supports government or commercial fleet customers, multi-tenant buildings or similar user communities, it may be preferable to allow users to tap in with an existing company or building ID card. A multi-technology reader that supports both HF and LF RFID and BLE and NFC provides the greatest flexibility to meet the needs of users, now and in the future.

How easy is it to update the readers?

Firmware for RFID readers will need to be updated periodically to address emerging security vulnerabilities, introduce new functionality or add new transponder technologies. EV charging networks are, by nature, widely distributed geographically. Physically visiting each charging unit to update or change out the RFID reader is a daunting task. Look for an RFID reader that can be easily updated with a contactless card or, even better, remotely over a network. Remote configuration enables network managers to update firmware for all installed readers at EV charging stations simultaneously.

Is the RFID reader certified in all of the areas in which charging stations will operate?

Increasingly, EV charging networks cross-national boundaries. Most RFID readers are only certified for sale and use in a limited number of countries. If you’re managing a global network of EV chargers—or plan to take your network global in the future—it’s essential to have a reader that is certified for use in all of the regions in which you intend to operate. Having a single reader that can be used internationally simplifies implementation and management of your reader network and ensures that card or smartphone technologies are compatible at all stations in the network.

Does the RFID reader support security requirements for EV charging?

EV charging stations need a secure user authentication method that cannot be easily hacked or compromised to reduce the potential for fraudulent use. This is especially important if the user authorization connects to a billing system that tracks charging station use. The reader should support advanced encryption to reduce the risk of card cloning or data interception. Make sure it provides secure storage for encryption keys so they cannot be compromised. And look for a customizable API to support evolving security requirements.

Does the reader software support functionality requirements for EV charging?

For EV charging applications, the RFID reader must be able to integrate with backend systems that authenticate membership and track usage for billing or cost allocation purposes. It may also be desirable to customize reader functionality for a better user experience, such as activating LED lights to provide visual cues for users. The software for the reader should be robust and flexible enough to customize and support all of the functionality that might be needed.

Can the reader be easily integrated into the form factor of the charging unit?

Consideration must also be given to how the reader will be physically integrated with the charging unit. Does it have the appropriate hardware interfaces to connect to the unit? Is it small enough to be embedded inside the unit, or would it have to be attached to the outside? If it will be attached, is the reader housing tamper-proof and suitable for exposure to the elements? Embedding the reader into the charging unit is best for both security and weatherproofing. Look for a reader that can be embedded without making significant modifications to the design of the unit.

Interested in learning more about technical considerations for RFID in EV charging?

Download 11 Considerations for RFID Readers in EV Charging for additional advice, including operating power and consumption requirements, antenna placement, hardware communication interfaces and more.

Sean Houchin is the product manager for ELATEC Inc in Palm City, Florida and part of the global ELATEC GmbH product management team. He has more than 20 years of experience in product development, management and applications engineering. Sean is an expert in RFID technology, optoelectronic and fiber optic video, audio, and data transmission equipment for military and commercial applications and is a veteran of the United States Navy.

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PSA Kiosk – FBI Raids Chinese Point-of-Sale Giant PAX Technology


Kiosk Public Service Announcement – POS Terminals and PAX

Pax Cyber Heist

Pax Cyber Heist

From Krebs Oct 26

In Brief

  • #1 it is still to be determined what has happened.
  • PAX terminals are used widely in kiosk machines and all types of Point-Of-Sale
  • Couple of financial providers in US and UK have started pulling the terminals
  • Cyberheists are common. Think back to Target, Home Depot and Heartland
  • Comes at a bad time with holiday season already in swing
  • Additional speculation that PAX is a victim


U.S. federal investigators today raided the Florida offices of PAX Technology, a Chinese provider of point-of-sale devices used by millions of businesses and retailers globally. KrebsOnSecurity has learned the raid is tied to reports that PAX’s systems may have been involved in cyberattacks on U.S. and E.U. organizations.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, PAX Technology Inc. has more than 60 million point-of-sale terminals in use throughout 120 countries. Earlier today, Jacksonville, Fla. based reported that agents with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had raided a local PAX Technology warehouse.

In an official statement, investigators told WOKV only that they were executing a court-authorized search at the warehouse as a part of a federal investigation, and that the inquiry included the Department of Customs and Border Protection and the Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS). The FBI has not responded to requests for comment.

Several days ago, KrebsOnSecurity heard from a trusted source that the FBI began investigating PAX after a major U.S. payment processor started asking questions about unusual network packets originating from the company’s payment terminals.

Other Speculation

  • I believe we will find out that PAX was the victim of a cyber attack that leveraged vulnerabilities in the PAXSTORE to exploit the app marketplace and a subset of Android terminals. Vulnerabilities that PAX has at least made a concerted effort to patch long before the FBI ever started to investigate. Other than possible negligence, I believe PAX will be found to have not acted maliciously. Not only should PAX survive this ordeal, but it will cause them to strengthen the security of their Android platform and associated security protocols, and ultimately they and their partners and customers will be better off.


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